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MIAMI, Florida: It's all about love.

No matter where you turn through Gallery Art, Aventura, Biscayne Boulevard, Florida, you are bound to be energized by the works of Jozza, from the heart out. He certainly puts his heart in his art as he playfully visualizes the main objects of his affections on several planes. These objects include nature and animals, but there are certainly some aspects of his own life's experiences which he relates through his acrylics. Sometimes with Biblical references like from The Garden of Eden. Putting the pop in popular, "Jozza expresses love through animated lines, shapes, happy colors and faces he uses to pattern his budgeted space."

He has a distinct way of using bright colors such as hues of yellows, orange, green, and even blue that makes people gravitate to his work, on command of his paint brush. The other element one will find impacting about his work is the huge over 20 dimensions, and of course, the fact that he has applied the paint so well.

His works are for sure inspirational and creative enough to make you fall in love with life and humanity, while enjoying lessons in courtship and reproduction. See for instance One Love, Kitty in Love, and About Love from almost 48 precision pieces rotated at the Gallery. As if hit by Cupid's bow, you fall in love with Jozza by the terms of his artscapes.

PROFILE in brief:
BORN: Hilondria, Brazil
STATUS: Married with two children
INSPIRED BY: His mother Maria
SPECIAL INTERESTS include: soccer, law
EXHIBITIONS include: Biscayne Tower, downtown Miami, New York Expo

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