Swipe to Unlock: A Primer on Technology and Business Strategy Kindle Edition

Authored by Product Managers at Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, Swipe to Unlock is a guide which enables anyone to understand the core concepts of tech and the business strategy behind it. It is a must-read for anyone interested in product management, marketing, business strategy, or sales roles in the tech industry.This #1 Amazon Business Bestseller has been featured in Business Insider and was touted as “our generation’s Rosetta Stone for enabling non-engineers to peer into the technology changing everyday life” by Jeremy Schifeling.You probably search on Google every day. But have you ever wondered how Google makes billions of dollars while providing search, email, and maps for free? How do they figure out which ads perfectly capture your interests? And how do they search the entire internet so quickly, anyway?By answering real-world questions like this, Swipe to Unlock gives you a peek under the hood of the technology you use every day, decodes technologists’ weirdest buzzwords, and shows you how technology is changing the society we live in for better or for worse. Unlock the answers you need to become a better-educated consumer, digital citizen, or technology professional.

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