Monthly Archives: September 2018

3 Amazing Luxury Watches Launched in 2018

  One can never underestimate the luxury and style value of a high-end watch. Sure! Mobile phones tell the time just as well as watch does. However; it’s impossible to replace an accessory like the watch with even the best smartphone. This is a fact that both men and women understand which is why many […]

5 Most Important Features in a Smartphone

Purchasing a smartphone can prove to be a tricky task.The market is flooded with smartphones of varying brands and as such; it can be difficult to take your pick. Various phones come with various features and most times each brand is seemingly one-upping the other. For consumers; healthy competition between brands is always a good thing. However, how does an […]

Best Games Of 2018

Best games of 2018: Dead Cells, Captain Toad and more Year-end lists are a wasted opportunity, a relic from the heyday of magazines and newspapers, a recap of the recommendations you missed because an issue got lost in the mail or consumed by the family dog. They tend to be a bit foggy (why did […]

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